Bringing light to dark places

Life & Wellness Coach       Psychic Medium      Motivational Speaker      Specialist in Solving Spiritual Anomalies


Below are just a sampling of services offered.  Everything can be customized & tailored to the your particular needs--just ask us. If you are unsure we have a solution to your need, contact us with your question and we'll gladly let you know.  Thank you!

*** Holiday Cheer Gift Certificates *** The holidays are here and what better way to show you care than giving the gift of healing, enlightenment, and peace to a loved one.  Richard is an internationally known expert in spiritual matters & healing. His vast experience allows him to provide help on a wide variety of topics utilizing an even wider array of modalities individually tailored to work best for each of his clients.  Many of his clients say he is without equal.  Services include but are not limited to:  

Classes, Lectures and Workshops, large or small
Individual, Group or Family Sessions/Readings
Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression
Adjunct therapy to clergy, doctors, therapists & other healthcare providers
Spiritual Motivation and Information
Facilitating Bereavement or Trauma Work
Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Therapy and Alternative Healing
Justice of the Peace/Ministerial Services-weddings, memorials, and more
Police Work
Psychic Investigations, Exorcism, Haunted People or Places, with a remarkably high rate of resolution

Considered among the most multi-gifted, multi-experienced psychics and problem solvers in all phases of the human experience. I have the gift of being able to assist in improving one’s corporate environment, bring blessings, provide messages from spirit, assist victims of spiritual oppression, dehaunt people and places, provide spiritual healing, and help others embrace their own gifts.

Richard is a clinical hypnotherapist and instructor of hypnotherapy with additional certifications in regression, alternative healing and energy work. He also is a Rebirthing practitioner, Reiki Master, instructor of intuitive development, Interfaith Minister and CT Justice of the Peace.

Please feel free to contact Richard on any of these services.