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Frequently Asked Questions

In the course of my work I often encounter questions that peak the curiosity of many of my clients.  Here are brief answers to just a few:

Are a spirit and a soul the same thing?
No. A soul has a spirit, but a spirit is not necessarily a soul. It would be too difficult to explain here, there is much more to be said about this.

Why are human spirits earthbound?
They may have a compulsion, belief, or fear stronger to stay than the natural progression of ascension. This is allowed be higher consciousness (divine love) to teach the spirits the true reality of the way the universe administers to them. (On occasion, other spirits have a vested interest in keeping them earthbound as well. No human spirit stays earthbound forever; only five minutes or a few hundred years, but not for eternity.)

I sometimes get orbs or circles of light in my photographs; what are they?
If it is spiritual rather than explained by physical means, then it is simply an energy that is yet to be determined.

Why would a ghost show up on film/digital image, but not be seen by our eyes?
For the same reason that we have CAT scans, Geiger counters, and radio antennas, it is a matter of conversion. Sometimes people are mediums for short intervals and may capture energy on film. It is actually a sign of physical mediumship.

What tools do you use to investigate a haunting or the presence of a spirit?
Do you use Ouija boards or séances? No extraneous tools (or items) are used on a regular basis. I absolutely do not use, nor recommend the use of devises such as Ouija boards, cards or séances as they can great harm.

I was thinking about a friend today, and then that friend called me. Does this mean I am psychic?
No, but it does mean you have a friend who cares about you, who may be intuitive or, as is most common, you both shared a psychic link in that instance. (It does not mean you are not psychic).

Is there really a thing as coincidences?
Yes, there are events that coincide (occur at the same point in time). In the same vein, there are many coincidences that seem to be choreographed by a higher level of being to accomplish good.

Can anybody become psychic? How does a regular person begin to develop these skills?
Yes, in the same way that anyone can develop any skill such as music, cooking, athletics, etc. One may develop these skills through seeking knowledge about these gifts and investing time in prayer and meditation. Many people who develop these skills do so after traumatic events, childhood stress, or other life altering events (E.S.E.s: exceptional human experiences). All of us are capable of developing some skills. This is a popular public and private group workshop we offer throughout the year. Please inquire if interested in a personal reading.

Does someone’s religion play a part in being able to be psychic or not?
No, but it may affect a persons willingness awareness or desire to do so.

What is a psychic reading? A ‘reading’ is an attempt to assist a person or group in attaining validation about something past, present, or future. It may involve ESP, guidance, spirit guides, accessing collective conscious or by other similar means.

Are there different ways to be intuitive?
Yes. This is possible through the body’s enhanced basic senses such as visual (clairvoyance), sensing (clairsentience), and audio (Clairaudience), as well as through dreams, meditation, and prayer, and by many potential sources and reasons to be sensitive. Though some people are very sensitive, we all know how important it is to follow that “gut instinct”, or our intuition, in no uncertain terms.

What is a past life and is there a way to remember mine? 
A past life may be a past experience of a human being. It may also be spiritually remembering a time as IF it was a life. While the ‘jury’ is not yet out, something can be learned and perhaps be enlightening. One must also be careful not to put the “blame” on past lives for what we have this one. After all, it is what we are NOW experiencing that is our spiritual lesson. We do perform past life regression as a matter of reflection for those seeking that information.

What is spiritual healing?
When healing of the body or mind is enhanced by spiritual energies raising the frequency through prayer and meditation and accessing a spiritual vibration of a high and loving order. This may occur through a hands-on approach, remote healing or a combination inclusive of prayer and visualization.

Are there other types of healing?
Yes. There is energy work; remote healing; touch therapy; color, sound, and light therapies; meridian and chakra work; and a host of others ranging from reflexology to music therapy. And let us not forget, even in spirit, the great advances in medicine through science, Traditional Eastern Medicine, nutrition and other natural practices. They are all, in a way, “spiritual.”

Everybody seems to be getting certified in Reiki lately. Why is it so popular and how do you know someone is better than another?
Reiki is the beginning of accepting a common healing force that exists for all. Ideally, Reiki should be similar in result by all practitioners as it is the healing energy, not the practitioner, which is primary. There must be an exchange of energy and must not be polluted with other practices for it to be effective.

Can people be healers?
People can be facilitators, assist in healing and spiritual healing, but few people would be correctly called true healers.

Can animals help us to heal?
Absolutely. In many ways they fill emotional voids and help make people feel more loved and open from within as carriers of our reciprocated affection and trust.

What is the true nature of healing?
Through mind, body, and spirit, it is the bettering of our very being in both our physical and ethereal components. Healing assists in the overcoming of obstacles ultimately in the development and ascension of our souls.

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