My mission is to share knowledge, compassion and alternatives to life's
challenges. To shed light on what is hidden in darkness, innuendo and dogma is the basis for my work.  I use skills as well as gifts, experience, compassion and guidance to strengthen the largest and most defining area of our lives..our spiritual nature and journey... We are, in fact, spiritual, physical and emotional beings. The spiritual nature and it’s possibilities is key in healing, health, loss, spiritual presence, addictions, personal as well as group discovery and growth. That  spiritual energies, laws and beings are inseparable from who we are, much like the earth being round, or the unseen life forms that so affect us all, are now accepted, finally, as our “Frontier.”

To bring relief and understanding, and in helping others in life's issues and spiritual matters is not merely a is my work, and also, my love and a great source of fulfillment. -Richard P. Jackson


My aim is to engage, enlighten, educate and facilitate transformation for those seeking to live a life less ordinary on  individual, group, family,  business and organizational levels for increased success and fulfillment, so needed in this ever-changing, often challenging world.

As an internationally-known and elite expert in spiritual matters and healing, I have served as a teacher, practitioner and consultant for nearly three decades with unparalleled success.

Bringing light to dark places

Life & Wellness Coach       Psychic Medium      Motivational Speaker      Specialist in Solving Spiritual Anomalies