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Life & Wellness Coach       Psychic Medium      Motivational Speaker      Specialist in Solving Spiritual Anomalies

About Richard

The Making of a Mystic

Richard P. Jackson is American, born in New Haven, CT to a working class family, attended college during the turbulent Vietnam and counter-culture era, has been a noted and respected Construction Builder/Designer and business owner, who has overcome addictions, personal tragedies, and prolonged illness.  Richard now devotes his nearly three decades of experience with the spirit world, its laws and how they intertwine with everyday life to bring insight and transformation to others.  Richard currently writes, lectures, provides personal and group workshops and training, coaching and readings, as well as hands on healing based on direct knowledge and understanding of supernatural events that have shaped his life.

After moving into a renovated farmhouse many years ago with his then young daughter, they experienced first-hand unsettling supernatural events.  Richard’s search for answers unexpectedly began his career and the awakening of his natural talents as a psychic, medium and healer. Since then, Richard has worked on over 350 cases in the field of psychic investigation, mediumship, and with haunted people and places.  He has often collaborated with the best professionals in related fields such as healing, parapsychology, clergy, and psychology to bring comfort and personal transformation in a multitude of situations, ranging from haunted people and places, bereavement, abduction experiences, psychic development, and understanding the deeper meaning behind life’s events.

Richard’s insights and psychic photos have been published in several books; he has given hundreds of interviews on radio and television; and been in a several documentary films.  As an Interfaith Minister and CT Justice of the Peace, along with his diverse life experiences and incredible spiritual gifts, Richard uniquely individualizes his work in a way that others can understand from the reference their particular belief system.

When Richard is not working, he enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors and with his pets, cooking, gardening, socializing with friends, and various hobbies such as wood-working and tinkering about in the Greater New Haven area, where he currently resides.